Another PR – YAY ME!!

The other day I was “bragging” how I got a PR of 10:18 in the mile.  That was a 30 second lowering over my previous PR of 10:48.  Anyone who has rolled his/her eyes so far that over 10 minutes is a stroll can leave my blog now :-).

It has been raining here constantly the past few days.  I’ve had a couple of training runs scheduled in the evenings when I seem to have some energy.  I am drained mentally from the day but I have energy in my muscles.

Well, since it has been raining, I had to go out in the morning.  I hate morning runs since I feel weak from not eating all night.  I just wanted to get through my 3 miles and get my day going.

I went out and started going and felt pretty good.  At about 1/4 mile I was feeling strong and pushing a bit at a 9:30/mile pace.  I told myself if I could hit the 1/2 mile mark and not feel like I was going to puke I would push for around 10:00 for the mile.  At the 1/2 mile mark I looked at my MotoActv and was at 8:50/mile pace and a heart rate of 167bpm.  Well I told myself I was going to do it so time to start pushing.

I fell back at about 2/3 of a mile to a 11:00/mile pace.  At 3/4 of a mile I was hurting but figured I had a good shot at 10:00 so it was time to push.  I hit 0.9 miles at 9:30/mile pace and was at about 177bpm heart rate.

Then the angelic voice of the MotoActv digital voice came on and said “Begin lap 2” which means “You completed the first mile”.  Then her voice came back and said “Congratulations you ran your fastest mile of 9:57”.

That’s right…  Not only did I beat my goal of 10:00 I beat it by a whopping THREE seconds.  Even when I trained for my half marathon I rarely went under 10 minute miles.

So Yay me!!  I was stoked after I heard I came in under 10 minutes.  Of course we won’t talk about the next two miles where I was dead legged and energy depleted.

Next goal….  10 minute miles for all 3 miles!!

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  1. Rob said:

    Personally I am happy when I break 12min/mi in a 5k. My all time best was 9:11. Given how high I have to push my heart rate for that kind of time I don’t believe it’s physically possible for me to do much better.

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