Back posting and still running

Well I haven’t been posting regularly.  Unless you count this being my second post in 7 months regular?

I have stuck (mostly) to my running.  I have been training about 3x per week at about 3 to 4 miles per run.  In South Florida in the summer that means sweating profusely the moment the run starts.

I entered my first 5k on July 4.  It was a local run with about 1400 of my closest neighbors running.  I was came in just under 40 minutes which is where I wanted to be for my first 5k and about 6 weeks of actual training for the event.  I realized I do a lot better keeping to my running schedule when I sign up for a race and have a goal.  So I am now signed up for the September 1 King of the Hill race.  In South Florida a “Hill” is considered an 800m portion of the race at 20% grade up the side of an old trash dump.  My goal there is to get a new “PR”.

I’ve also been sticking to losing weight.  So far down 30+ pounds and going.

Now to just keep up with this blog more 🙂

  1. Stephen Cerruti said:

    I’m going to subscribe to your blog to help with your motivation. Congrats on the physical improvement.

    • Thanks. I am making sure I don’t just give up this time. I appreciate the kind words.

  2. Rob said:

    Great job on the weight loss and running! Nothing beats regular 5k’s in keeping the flab off.

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